Tips For London Wedding Photographers

London wedding photographers need to appreciate the value of black and white stills.

photographer LondonIf you would like to go ahead and have an artistic take on things for as far as wedding photography is concerned, you should seriously check out the possibilities of a black and white color scheme. You need to understand that at the end of the day, you seriously need to try this out, even if it is just for a few shots at a time. You need to be very careful about this though. You need to understand that at the end of the day, the clients will always try to look out for something new and something fresh for them to take a look at time and time again. As much as possible, you need to go ahead and get this checked out with the clients. Some of the clients might end up being crazy about the idea while some of the clients might not be so hot about it and that is what you need to go ahead and take into consideration at the end of the day.

Tripods have saved London wedding photographers for the longest time.

When you invest in a high quality tripod, you get to make sure that you have something that will more or less get you out of a pinch whenever you are caught up in a bad lighting situation. Lighting has always been a challenging issue for most professional photographers out there. You will only be able to successfully get things checked out the right way if you have something that will allow you to take your photos in the best possible way. When there isn’t enough light streaming right into the sensor of the camera, it slows down the shutter speed and it results to the camera shaking uncontrollably at some point or so. You need to make sure that you get to go ahead and do something about that at the end of the day.

Flash is not very nice for your photos so try to veer away from it if you can.

Wedding photography is something that is all about natural looking photos and this is what you should be looking out for when it all comes down to it. Do not opt to go ahead for flash photography unless it is something that is absolutely necessary. This is what our photographer London always foes. You need to really look into the possibility of soft looking and feeling natural light because it is the most flattering kind of light out there when it all comes down to it. If you do have to go for flash, try to opt for an external flash bracket. You at least end up with something that sits roughly around a few inches on top of the lens compared to the built in camera flash.

Build bride rapport by interjecting light and friendly chatter with the bride.

Talk to the bride or chat her up as much as possible. Go out of your way to make yourself look less intimidating than usual because this can really have you connect with the bride on a different kind of level.

Great Wedding Venues In Lancashire


wedding venuesLancashire is a kind of place that is constantly offering up different services and different attractions for you and for the wedding that you are planning out one way or the other. Brockholes is something that is unique and different compared to the rest of all of the other wedding venues out there because of the fact that the venue is actually a floating one. This wedding venue is paired up with great looking scenery and greenery and this is something that you can really leverage as someone who is about to get married. It brings in something different and something tasteful at the same time. Getting married in Lancashire doesn’t have to be your usual run in the mill wedding. You can always opt for something that is interesting and unique without breaking the bank and this is what a wedding venue like Brockholes will offer out to you in the end of it all.

Harris Museum Art Gallery and Library

Fans of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City will fall head over heels in love with this wedding venue in Lancashire. Harris Museum Art Gallery and Library is the perfect venue for you to hold an intimate wedding in. more than that, you are guaranteed to enjoy the luxuries of vaulted ceilings, breathtaking architecture, and tons and tons of books to boot! This is every book lover’s dream come true and this is something that you are bound to enjoy a lot if things like this appeal to you. What is so great about this place is that on top of having wine and a party and holding the party in a place that is part museum and part library and art gallery, you get to nurse your romantic tendencies at the same time. Think about it, you can’t really help but feel as if you are living out a paperback romance in the wedding that you have planned out for this venue.

Ribby Hall Village

This is a holiday village that is located in Lancashire but it is actually a really smart and strategic kind of wedding venue because it is at the same time situated right beside Preston and Blackpool as well. You will really be able to make things so much easier in terms of logistic especially if you have guests coming from all over the place while you are at it. This wedding venue is a bit on the higher end of the scale so you might need to reassess your budget a little bit before you go ahead and opt to really book the wedding in this particular wedding venue. You can be rest assured though that if you do decide to book your wedding here, you will be getting nothing short of world class service every single time. You will get great accommodations and something that is of the highest quality all of the time if you opt to book your wedding in this particular wedding venue in Lancashire at the end of the day.

Delicious Photography is worth looking at if you are still searching for a Lancashire based wedding photographer.

The 101 On Getting Married In Essex

wedding photographer essexThere are four main components or measures that you should be checking out as a client who is about to get married when it comes to looking for wedding photographers to go ahead and book in Essex. For as long as you get these 4 down pat, you should be able to follow through on things accordingly. It’s really not all that hard to figure out once you are able to get right down to the nitty gritty of things. You just need to make sure that at the end of the day, you dissect things the right way. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed with all of the choices that you have in the market. Having more vendors to choose from will not always be a good thing because it only means that you need to be a little more selective with your process in order for you to really find a wedding photographer who will fit in with you and with your needs for the wedding.

Look for a wedding photographer who has a knack for telling a story in the pictures that he is taking.

This is actually a bit of an intrinsic talent and not a lot of wedding photographers have this. The simplest way for you to wrap your head around the concept of storytelling is to take a look at the portfolio or even at the blog features of the weddings that a wedding photographer has shot without the help of captions of without the help of words. If you will be able to more or less string a story together without that much difficulty, then the storytelling capability of the wedding photographer will turn out to be effective and on point. Go for someone who can layer on a story from another story because this is how interesting wedding photo albums come to pass at the end of the day.

Lighting is important so try to observe this as well.

The thing about lighting is that it is something that will always be subjective. It all depends on the perspective of the wedding photographer shooting so it will be different depending on the individual from behind the camera. Your preferences should mesh well with the preferences of the wedding photographer that you are thinking about hiring. You can’t go through the coverage arguing with your photographer all of the time. It will not be a healthy way to do things. You need to opt for someone whose tastes and preferences you can trust will more or less mirror your own to some effect.

The right tools will turn out to be important as well.

You need a photographer with professional grade photography gear to really get the job done the right way at the end of the day. If you’re planning to get married in Essex, visit and get a glimpse of his awesome photos. It wraps up good sense, good taste, and great pricing to boot and it is definitely worth your time to take a look.

Gaining Experience In Wedding Photography


wedding photographyInternships are great for newcomers in the wedding photography industry. This is something that will help make your life so much easier to deal with as a wedding photographer because you will be working under the guidance of an experienced wedding photographer who will walk you through in the process. If you are currently enrolled in a photography class or if you have had experience in attending a photography course, you might want to go ahead and reach out to the school administration. They will usually have a special board up for internship offers that you will be able to apply to one way or the other. Internships are guided tutorials. They are the perfect venue for you to get out there and get your feet wet and really figure things out the right way as you are still trying to establish your name and your brand in the industry of wedding photography.

Pro bono

You will have to do stuff for free for people at some point or so in your career in wedding photography. It is something that all of the other wedding photographers out there have undergone. You will need to put up a few sacrifices one way or the other. Approach friends and family members to see if you will be able to render your services for free for them. This is a great way for you to get out there and to start getting your feet wet about how things are supposed to pan out and work out in the wedding photography side of things. This is also a great way for you to come up with content for your portfolio. People won’t be too willing to hire you just yet especially if you haven’t really established a reputation in the market just yet so just make sure that you get that checked out as much as possible.


Reach out to the friends you may have in the wedding photography communities in your area. There are bound to be some people close to you who might be able to share certain wisdoms with you. Talk to them and try to see if they could take you under their wing. At this point in time, you should liken yourself to a sponge that should be absorbing things and learning things as much as you can. Make sure that you always have the right kind of mindset when you are getting into this. You will gain feedback that will not always turn out to be praises for you and for what you do in your wedding photography style. You need to be a little thick skinned and you need to be a little more open to improvement because that is the only way for something like this to work.

Follow photographers online if you have to.

Try to sift through wedding photography pegs and pull inspiration from them online. If you are from York, visit Kirsty Mattson Photography for great wedding photography examples. You don’t have to see someone in person in order for you to learn something from him after all.

Tips to Check Out From Awesome WeddingPhotography Blogs- checked

wedding photographyIf you are trying your hand in blogging as a professional photographer, here are a few things to help get you started. Try to learn from credible wedding photography sites. Try to go ahead and check out how the more mature and established sites are getting the job done and try to mimic the progress that they have been making so far. This will allow you to more or less get a better idea of how things are supposed to pan out after all has been said and done. If you don’t know what you are doing right from the get go, there is a pretty good chance that the other people who have been trying their hand in blogging have failed several times over as well in the beginning. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to figure things out as you go along and things should be right back on track when it all comes down to it. Make sure that you take time to really pay attention to the observation side of things when you are trying to follow after a certain blog model. Be particular with the details because the money and the devil will always turn out to be in the details after all has been said and done.

Check out how they lay out or arrange their images.

The image layout is extremely important. You must go out of your way to be extremely creative with things as you go along. You need to really check into what works and what doesn’t. Avoid the common pitfalls that usually come along with image layouts and how some people do them incorrectly and do your best to really bring the best of the best into what you do every single time you are trying to work things out. You need to keep the image layout engaging all of the time. As much as possible, you ought to really go ahead and pay attention to this as much as you possibly can. Be very particular with the way that you really set things up. It needs to be engaging and exciting all of the time. It can be a little too much to opt for in the beginning but for as long as you set things up the right way, you can really pull everything off. Check out and mimic how the more established sites are getting the job done so that you get a certain success rate on things.

Listen to the tone of writing.

Read through it and listen and try to understand what kind of tone of writing they are using because it is usually the most suitable for an internet audience. You need to get straight to the point when it comes to things like this. The kind of writing meant for an internet audience will turn out to be the most efficient and effective one. It should be what you should always be aiming for after all has been said and done. Keep your writing tone upbeat and interesting all of the time because it will make all of the difference in the world.

How To Be A Natural Wedding Photographer Based In Essex

Incorporate touching.

wedding photographer in and around EssexIf you would like to be an effective wedding photographer based in Essex, you should always incorporate the aspect of touching in your photos. Touching is one of the best and the most time tested and proven ways of making your wedding photos come out looking natural as ever. This is particularly true and applicable when you are trying to capture photos of more than just one subject. When there are two or more subjects involved in the picture, you should always have them touching at some point or so. This is also true when it comes to the aspect of shooting group pictures when it all comes down to it. Whenever there is some kind of gap in between people, even if the gap turns out to be something physical, it can denote so many other things in the photos that are being produced. Bridging the gap by having them at least touch each other or at least have a physical connection can make the photos at least 10x better and more natural looking.

Always aim to capture the personality of the subject that you are working with as a wedding photographer.

There is no other better source for your inspiration for the photo shoot that is under way than the actual subjects that you are working with. Overly posed and contrived photos tend to look fixed and formal. They might come out looking polished but they will not really capture the natural aspect of what the wedding is all about. In order for you to really get natural looking photos in the end of it all, try to make the subjects’ inner personalities really come out. Encourage them to be themselves and assure them that it is really quite alright to be a little fun and a little silly at times. There is no so-called set rule on how a proper wedding photo shoot needs to be conducted. You should always try to go ahead and play things by ear as you go along. Be adaptable and flexible as a wedding photographer.

Learn how to go ahead and compliment your subjects as well.

Complimenting your subjects the right way can actually work for you as a wedding photographer in so many different ways. When you compliment people, you encourage them to be a little more at ease with themselves. You also get to make them naturally smile. They tend to naturally smile, even before they even become aware of it. This is something that you can seriously go ahead and take advantage of at the end of the day. As a wedding photographer in and around Essex, you need to clearly mark out the perimeters of what will be appropriate and inappropriate when you are complimenting the subjects that you are working with.

Inspire the aspect of looking away.

Have your subject look away every now and then. It is something dramatic and interesting to check out. Any direction should work fine for as long as it is not directly straight into the camera.

Starter Guide To Portrait Photography

portrait photography tipsWhat you need to understand about portrait photography is the fact that it is the most versatile and most often used photography style or approach out there. Almost all of the varying niches in professional photography will require a photographer to have at least the most basic knowledge of portrait photography one way or the other. This is why if you would like to seriously explore your niche, regardless of the kind of niche that you may want to go ahead and opt for, always make sure that you get to check out portrait photography London to the best of your capacity. Here are a few things that can help keep things in the right perspective when you are exploring the aspect of portrait photography when it all comes down to it. You need to go ahead and get things checked out as much as possible.

Be aware of distortion in portrait photography.

Distortion can be a really annoying thing to have to deal with for as far as portrait photography is concerned. This is something that you seriously need to be aware of all of the time. What you need to know about distortion is actually more on a technical scale. You will need a little bit of time as well as a little bit of knowledge about how something like this technically works. A quick and extremely useful rule that you can check out about distortion is this: the subject that is always near the camera will turn out to look the biggest. In the same way, the subject that is the farthest from the camera will appear smaller. You will really be able to make the most use out of this rule whenever you are shooting women in particular. They are usually very specific about angles and distortion. This is something that will really get to serve you well at the end of the day.

Focus on the eyes as much as possible.

You need to make sure that at the end of the day, you have something that makes things look interesting and deep. The eyes can tell a story that is far more compelling than any pose or than any other body language out there so make sure that you are able to go out of your way to capture the emotions in a photo the right way by paying attention to the eyes as much as possible. The emotions of the subject will always dictate how the photos will pan out so make sure that you get that taken care of as much as possible. If you need to coach your subjects a little, then go ahead and do so. Little efforts like these will go a long way.

Make sure that your clients / subjects are always comfortable with the setup.

Subjects that are uncomfortable will never photograph well so get this checked out as much as possible. If it won’t be too much trouble for you as a portrait photographer, then you should go out of your way to appease the subjects.

Wedding Photographer Tips On Getting “seconds”

Get a second camera body

dslr cameraAlways get a second camera body whenever you have a wedding to cover as a professional wedding photographer. One camera will not suffice. More than that, showing up at a wedding with only one camera in tow will make you look like an absolute amateur wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer will always make sure that all bases are covered as much as possible and that includes the possibility of equipment failures during a wedding photo shoot. Even if you think that your primary camera is in a fairly good condition, you will never really be able to tell if it decides to malfunction in the most sporadic of ways.

It is always so much better to come in prepared, knowing that you have something to pull out in the event that the unexpected suddenly happens. These are risks that you will need to mitigate as much as possible and getting a secondary camera can solve that issue right off the bat. If you are struggling with the concept of an additional expense, you can always borrow or rent one out in the meantime, at least until you will be able to really buy your own second camera.

A second shooter should also always be around whenever you are shooting weddings.

A wedding photographer should never attempt to cover a wedding all alone. Shooting a wedding is a really huge deal. This is not something that you should be underestimating. There is no such thing as becoming overly prepared for a wedding and there is no such thing as doing things a little over the top. As a matter of fact, the more you will be able to prepare for something, the better things will turn out to be in the long run.  A second shooter will allow you to designate other tasks that might not be as pressing or as important but tasks that you will still need to cover nonetheless. Getting a second shooter will allow you to focus more on the tasks that you would like to do best and disseminate the ones that might not be as important. You will be able to avoid spreading yourself too thin somewhere along the way.

You don’t have to go for broke just to get your second shooter.

A new wedding photographer will usually be turned off with the aspect of getting a second shooter on board because professional fees can skyrocket and a new wedding photographer in Cardiff may not have a substantial budget right off the bat. What you can do is to propose an exchange of services with another wedding photographer who might also have a need for a second shooter. Reach out to the other wedding photographers in your community and try to see if you can get any takers. Sometimes, it is all a matter of getting the ball rolling. Some people might be having the same problem but are just suffering in silence. Aim to break the ice and speak up about it. You just might find a solution to your second shooter problems the moment that you talk to some of your friends about it.

Boudoir Photography Scotland Fundamentals

Visualize how you want it to turn out

boudoir photographyIf you would like to have your boudoir photography Scotland shoot turn out to be a success, you should start things off by visualizing how you would like it to turn out. Your vision will carry you through when the times get tough or when you come across certain challenges in boudoir photography Scotland. This is something that you will need to really coordinate with your subject. There will be a lot of times wherein what you have envisioned for the photo shoot might not really be in line with what she has in mind when it all comes down to it. You need to make sure that no matter what happens, you will be able to loop her in and get her buy in on things as you go along. Sit the subject down and really talk to her about this. You need to know what her vision is and make it a point to really give live to that vision of hers. At the end of the day, although you are the artist being hired for this, this is not something that you have full creative control over. You are still more or less bound to what the subject might require from you.

Less clothes do not always take the cake in boudoir photography Scotland.

A woman can be sexy in something as basic as a white T-shirt if the boudoir photography in Scotland shoot is taken in the right context. Although lingerie and other sexy underwear might be the staple or what people would usually relate to, this does not mean that you need to be confined to this particular kind of wardrobe type all of the time. A subject can be sexy regardless of how her wardrobe will turn out to be for the boudoir photo shoot for as long as it is something that she is comfortable being in when it all comes down to it. There are certain times wherein you might need to step in based off of what you may find visually appealing and what you may find not so appealing as well at the end of the day. This is what you should be looking out for. Try to see if you can get an advance session with the subject to see if you and the subject can sift through those wardrobe items as you go along.

The subject has her own share of prep work needed for the boudoir photography Scotland shoot.

Make sure that you get her looped in on the basic requirements for best results. The bride needs to prepare things from her end as well. Waxing should be initiated as much as possible. Extra body hair should be eliminated. She should also have a good manicure and pedicure session because this is something that will really turn out to be quite apparent in the photos that are being taken. If the subject is planning to be groomed by a stylist in a salon, she should schedule it at least 5 days before the actual shoot. For more info on boudoir photography, click here.

How to Handle Subjects as a Wedding Photographer

Don’t try too hard as a wedding photographer.

cambridge wedding photographerBe well aware of the things that are expected from you and about your specific responsibilities and deliverables and stick to them as much as possible. Go out of your way to always make sure that they will be delivered to your clients and that they get to walk out of the agreement happy and completely satisfied with the things that you are providing out for them when it all comes down to it. This is what you should always be aiming for as a professional wedding photographer. As a new wedding photographer though, it can be quite easy for you to always aim to please to the point of bending over backwards to make sure that your clients are happy and satisfied with what you are providing for them all of the time.

Although his is usually OK, what you need to watch out for is the aspect of being taken advantage or the risk of being a little bit too much to the point wherein your clients might already feel a little smothered or might feel as if you are just trying way too hard to the point wherein you already come off as a bit fake or insincere. This is something that you should try to avoid. Act normally and act within the confines of what is being required of you and things should work out just fine.

Get out of the way whenever you can.

People are there to see the couple who are being wed and not to see you as the wedding photographer. If there is anything that you can possibly do to make sure that you get to minimize the way people that notice your presence, then it would turn out to really work well for you and for what you are trying to go ahead and achieve at the end of the day. Dress up to blend in with the rest of the crowd. Minimize the amount of gear that you are carrying around with you all the time when you are taking photos. Switch to a longer lens and try to see if you will be able to move to the back of the room a little bit, just so that they don’t notice you all that much. A little bit of acting can also help you out. Shoot your pictures when you notice people getting a little distracted. If they do start to notice you, pretend to move on to a different scene or person and come back only when they become distracted. It will take a little bit of time and a little bit of practice but you will eventually get the hang of things and get better at what you do as a Cambridge wedding photographer.

Don’t be afraid to engage your subjects in light conversation from time to time.

Talk to them like you would normally talk to other people. People like it when they get engaged and entertained in between shoots. Use this as an opportunity for you to encourage them and to chat them up a bit to make them feel a little better about themselves during the photo shoot.

Newborn Baby Photography Habits You Should Have

Schedule the newborn baby photography shoot well ahead of time with the parents.

newborn baby photographyThe parents should be looped in on how crucial the time of the newborn baby photography shoot is. Newborns are pretty calm and relaxed and the best time to shoot pictures of them would be during the first ten days of their lives. Parents are still pretty sleep deprived and tired and more or less still acclimating to the fact that there is a new member in the family. You might need to constantly remind them about this. Make a habit of calling out to them at least a week before the scheduled shoot and then roughly around two to three days before the actual day of the shoot and then every day after that. Constant reminders are key to making sure that they do not miss out on their schedule with you as their photographer. The newborn baby will be asleep most of the time and he will most likely be really easy to work with during this time in his life. This means that you will not have too much pressure having to deal with this at the end of the day.

Strictly stick to natural lighting as much as possible.

Natural light is what every newborn baby photography expert should be aiming for given the fact that a newborn baby is involved. Babies are quite sensitive to harsh lighting or to any other kind of artificial light that is drastic in comparison to natural light. This means that if you are capturing photos of the newborn baby, if natural light is something that is possible for you to opt for, then by all means, you should go ahead and opt for it whenever you have the chance to go ahead and do so. Babies, especially the newborns, have eyes that are not that well accustomed to harsh lighting such as artificial lighting. It is not the right way for you to deal with the baby photo shoot. You might end up irritating the baby altogether. Natural lighting, on the other hand, is something that is quite easy on the eyes and something that will more or less get to help the baby out in getting comfortable during the photo shoot.

A macro lens is an absolutely requirement in newborn baby photography.

There will be a lot of sleeping shots somewhere along the way. A macro lens can really help deliver those intimate close up and composite shots that parents are always looking out for at the end of the day. This is something that you should be aiming for as much as possible. Take the time to notice the interesting little details such as how little the baby’s feet look like, or how his fingers are laced with the blanket, and so on and so forth. Every little bit can really help out a lot.

Play some mellow music somewhere in the background to help set the mood.

Nothing calms a baby down more than some nice music playing in the background. This can really set the tone for the rest of the photo shoot.

Focusing tips for Wedding Photographers

Get sharp and crisp-looking photos

wedding photography tipsOne of the things that wedding photographers usually lament about all of the time is the issue of not getting sharp or crisp enough looking photos when they are shooting wedding events. This is something that you should really get to pay attention to one way or the other because of the fact that when it all comes down to it, your work as a wedding photographer will mainly be gauged based on how clear and how crisp your photos tend to look like. Your wedding photography clients will always look out for great looking shots as much as possible and that is something that you should always aim to go ahead and deliver every single time.

Go through the basics

There are so many different elements and variables that can turn out to more or less contribute to blurry looking photos and as a wedding photographer, you should at least go through the basics of what is required in order for you to produce crisp and clear looking photos so that you get to bring in the best of the best of what you know to produce great looking photos for your clients when it all comes down to it. Photos that are lacking in sharpness are actually far more common than you would normally think. So many wedding photographers out there are encountering this particular issue but there are some things that you can check out and execute in order for you to go ahead and set up so that you can get great looking and sharp looking shots all throughout the wedding event shooting process.

Focus the camera properly

The most common reason for blurred looking photos is that the wedding photographers taking the shots did not get to focus the camera properly. More often than not, the focus is not really being centered on the subject’s eye. This can happen when the wedding photographer has not really learned how to manually adjust the point of focus of the camera being used. This can also happen when the wedding photographer is initiating the recompose method when they are taking their shots. This can be particularly tricky when you are trying to focus your cameras in certain scenes wherein there isn’t really a point for you to focus on such as during landscape shots. The recompose method is technically the process wherein the lake district wedding photographer is halfway through pressing the shutter button then recomposes the focus of the shot and then proceeds to press the button all the way down. This can have an issue when it comes to the aspect of shooting the pictures because the finger can sometimes slip from the shutter button and it can cause the camera to move during the moment wherein you are taking the picture.

What you can do to fix this issue with the focusing is for you to make sure that you are able to take really great care when it come to the aspect of taking the shot. As much as possible, make sure that the camera is stock still because a slight altering in the plane of focus can turn out to have disastrous results for your pictures.