Behind Beautiful Wedding Portraits And The Thousands of Dollars

wedding photographer EssexIt’s probably piquing your interest. Why do wedding photographers charge such premium prices to their clients? Are they ripping off you or is it truly worth it?

The fact that photographers main job is to take pictures, something almost everybody can do through smartphones, is something questionable. Do photographers take pictures in a different way? With the power of the Internet, there’s nothing you can learn. So, is photography doable for just anybody?

The power of Internet

In fact, lots wedding photographers weren’t graduates from photography school or art school. They never took formal education in it, yet, managed to pull it off and become a so-called ‘professional wedding photographer’. Is it the same thing to a wedding photographer Essex?

If you are referring to the techniques and theories taught, I think we all agree when we say that practical lessons are the best. The Internet itself is the biggest library that can be accessed anywhere, anytime to find anything. It’s not hard to get your hand on that hot and popular photography book or magazines these days.

It’s 20:80

The 20:80 rules say that only a fifth of what we do plays a major part. It means that although photography is important, it is not everything; when you are living in a world where a majority of other people are also able to sell themselves as photographers, it’s time that you play the game differently.

The marketing aspects, customer service, and add-ons that are provided to you. You may not even realize it, but these are the reasons why photography is not cheap. It’s more than just photography, yet, it is about photography.

“Hobby and interest”?

So, is having a hobby and interest can add up to the value that much? Let’s be honest. We’ve seen too many people who love singing, but just should never be let to sing. Having a hobby is not enough to prove your skill to others.

But, it does not mean that those are just empty words; although that is the common case. A genuine interest would mean that a wedding photographer Essex is a worker that is eager to learn. Knowing and seeing that your photographer is a passionate person, just like the people you can find in , makes you want to appreciate his hard work more, no?


When it boils down to it, there is not much maintenance fee a photographer has to pay, unless they are careless, lose and break things. Cameras, lighting equipment, and many kinds of tools are one-time investments.

The only things that you have to pay are the album, photos, and the USB stick. The packaging as well, if your photographer provides one. But, what many tend to forget is the time.

How many hours would you have to spend on your own to take someone else’s wedding pictures, editing them, compiling them, printing them out, and provide them in a nice box to your clients? You might not even understand how to do half of them. But, for photographers, these are daily things.

It’s not that they only work a few days a month; a lot of behind the scene works are meant to deliver the best quality for you.

How To Be A Natural Wedding Photographer Based In Essex

Incorporate touching.

wedding photographer in and around EssexIf you would like to be an effective wedding photographer based in Essex, you should always incorporate the aspect of touching in your photos. Touching is one of the best and the most time tested and proven ways of making your wedding photos come out looking natural as ever. This is particularly true and applicable when you are trying to capture photos of more than just one subject. When there are two or more subjects involved in the picture, you should always have them touching at some point or so. This is also true when it comes to the aspect of shooting group pictures when it all comes down to it. Whenever there is some kind of gap in between people, even if the gap turns out to be something physical, it can denote so many other things in the photos that are being produced. Bridging the gap by having them at least touch each other or at least have a physical connection can make the photos at least 10x better and more natural looking.

Always aim to capture the personality of the subject that you are working with as a wedding photographer.

There is no other better source for your inspiration for the photo shoot that is under way than the actual subjects that you are working with. Overly posed and contrived photos tend to look fixed and formal. They might come out looking polished but they will not really capture the natural aspect of what the wedding is all about. In order for you to really get natural looking photos in the end of it all, try to make the subjects’ inner personalities really come out. Encourage them to be themselves and assure them that it is really quite alright to be a little fun and a little silly at times. There is no so-called set rule on how a proper wedding photo shoot needs to be conducted. You should always try to go ahead and play things by ear as you go along. Be adaptable and flexible as a wedding photographer.

Learn how to go ahead and compliment your subjects as well.

Complimenting your subjects the right way can actually work for you as a wedding photographer in so many different ways. When you compliment people, you encourage them to be a little more at ease with themselves. You also get to make them naturally smile. They tend to naturally smile, even before they even become aware of it. This is something that you can seriously go ahead and take advantage of at the end of the day. As a wedding photographer in and around Essex, you need to clearly mark out the perimeters of what will be appropriate and inappropriate when you are complimenting the subjects that you are working with.

Inspire the aspect of looking away.

Have your subject look away every now and then. It is something dramatic and interesting to check out. Any direction should work fine for as long as it is not directly straight into the camera.