Bridesmaids And Wedding Photography

The wedding isn’t just all about the bride and the groom.

wedding photography lancashireThere are actually other people involved in the wedding. They should also be considered for the wedding photography. One group to be considered in the wedding photography is the bridesmaids. The bride isn’t the only one who needs to look pretty for the wedding photography Lancashire. Her amazing bridesmaids need to look good too. Clients usually requests pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids in unique and fun poses. These pictures will add lightness and a fun atmosphere to any wedding photography. Plus, it will make the bride and her girls really happy. Here are some cute poses for your bride and her bridesmaids to try out.

The first pose is the Kissy Faces.

It is a traditional girly pose that is a must for the wedding photography Lancashire. It is fun, carefree, and light. It will definitely light up the face of the viewers of the picture. The other awesome thing about this pose is that it is very easy to do. There is no chance of anybody ruining this adorable shot. The bride simply needs to sit at the centre with the bridesmaids surrounding her. The bridesmaids need to do kissy faces towards the bride and the bride simply needs to smile at the camera. The best part of this pose is that it can be done anywhere. The girls could choose to wear their robes or their dresses and still come out looking beautiful in this pose. This is a great warm out pose since it is so simple and fun.

The second pose is the Open smile pose.

This is an award winning pose for your wedding photography Lancashire. If done right, this pose can look like the cover of a bridal magazine. It helps the girls find the inner model within them and showcase it in front of the camera. The pose requires the bride and her girls to link themselves together and give an open mouth smile to the camera. This pose adds a bit of flavour to the wedding photography. For sure, everyone will be doing the closemouthed smile. Let the bride and her bridesmaids do something much flashier with this pose. A secret technique to succeed in this pose is to not have anyone close their eyes and forming awkward expression. Have them keep it as close to natural as possible. If it helps, have someone crack a joke or two.

The last pose is the walk.

Yep, this pose entails the whole gang walking towards the camera. A simple, yet powerful pose if done right. This pose can go two ways. The girls can give it their fierce and fashion walk to make the photo have a high-fashion vibe. Or, they can keep it sweet and lovely by having their arms linked with casual smiles on their faces. Any way will still yield gorgeous wedding photos of the bride and her girls. The important reminder when doing this pose is being too close to each other. You don’t want to look like a bunch or sardines in a can.

Great Wedding Venues In Lancashire


wedding venuesLancashire is a kind of place that is constantly offering up different services and different attractions for you and for the wedding that you are planning out one way or the other. Brockholes is something that is unique and different compared to the rest of all of the other wedding venues out there because of the fact that the venue is actually a floating one. This wedding venue is paired up with great looking scenery and greenery and this is something that you can really leverage as someone who is about to get married. It brings in something different and something tasteful at the same time. Getting married in Lancashire doesn’t have to be your usual run in the mill wedding. You can always opt for something that is interesting and unique without breaking the bank and this is what a wedding venue like Brockholes will offer out to you in the end of it all.

Harris Museum Art Gallery and Library

Fans of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City will fall head over heels in love with this wedding venue in Lancashire. Harris Museum Art Gallery and Library is the perfect venue for you to hold an intimate wedding in. more than that, you are guaranteed to enjoy the luxuries of vaulted ceilings, breathtaking architecture, and tons and tons of books to boot! This is every book lover’s dream come true and this is something that you are bound to enjoy a lot if things like this appeal to you. What is so great about this place is that on top of having wine and a party and holding the party in a place that is part museum and part library and art gallery, you get to nurse your romantic tendencies at the same time. Think about it, you can’t really help but feel as if you are living out a paperback romance in the wedding that you have planned out for this venue.

Ribby Hall Village

This is a holiday village that is located in Lancashire but it is actually a really smart and strategic kind of wedding venue because it is at the same time situated right beside Preston and Blackpool as well. You will really be able to make things so much easier in terms of logistic especially if you have guests coming from all over the place while you are at it. This wedding venue is a bit on the higher end of the scale so you might need to reassess your budget a little bit before you go ahead and opt to really book the wedding in this particular wedding venue. You can be rest assured though that if you do decide to book your wedding here, you will be getting nothing short of world class service every single time. You will get great accommodations and something that is of the highest quality all of the time if you opt to book your wedding in this particular wedding venue in Lancashire at the end of the day.

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