Planning Your Newborn Photography: Chronological Order

newborn photography LondonExpecting mom? There’s no doubt that you want to document this precious moment of your firstborn with newborn photography London!

2nd month

This is often the age of when mothers found out their pregnancy status. Well, congratulations, you are going to have a very big change in your life!

You are probably on your second month when you read this, so this is a suitable time! It’s also a suitable time to plan your maternity session if you wish to! This is a very magical moment and you might not believe the fact that pregnancy makes you look prettier and hotter than before. Really, we’re not kidding.

5th/6th month

During this time, you should begin planning for your newborn photography session. It’s important that you start looking and book now! If you don’t want to miss the moment, that is, because most photographers do not have the time if you look for them later.

The photographer that you look for will be able to spell out the details on how your photography is going to be planned. We’ll talk about it briefly here. The date of the session in precise will be discussed right after your labor. It is usually 5-10 days after your labor depending on when is best for you.

Make sure that you don’t let time pressure you to just deal with any photographer. If you have planned a maternity session, that one is usually in a package together with the newborn photography session. A maternity session is usually done around 7th or 8th month for best visibility of the bump. There is no need to diet, just come and let the photographer does his magic.

A photographer that does great in both is Newborn photography London by Stephen is one of the best according to our evaluation and you should never be disappointed with them.

7th/8th month

Your maternity session is coming up and you want to prepare for it! Make sure that you feel relax and enjoy the session. Tell your photographer is you are tired and need a rest. Bring refreshments if the set is going to a drive away from the studio.

Imagine that this is the last moment before welcoming the little one into the world. You should also discuss how the newborn photography is going to be like and when it should be planned at. Your due date may miss, so ask your photographer if she is okay with stretching the time a bit from the plan if necessary.

Due date

This is it! It’s coming! It’s time!

Before anything, you might or might not deliver on this date. It’s a hit or miss but usually not that far, so don’t worry too much. After your delivery, give your photographer a call immediately and let her know your baby is out. All that is left is to plan for the day.

Remember, do not feel pressured by the recommended age for newborn photography London. It is very important that mother feels comfortable about it and can enjoy the session. If you feel tired, ask to have it done on a later date. A newborn baby remains so for at least 10 days and sometimes up to more than two weeks.