Give Extra Care for That Baby!

newborn photographyIn a newborn photography session, the biggest issue is often keeping the baby comfortable. A lot of things can surprise them and jolt them up, making it hard to get a still picture of them. Yet, you need to move them around a lot to change props and backgrounds.

What to do?!

Don’t fret, because it is not that hard to ensure a baby is asleep and calm throughout the session. There is no need for a tranquilizer because if you do it right, it works. Most of the time.

The room

Let’s start with where the baby will have his pictures taken. Set the temperature a little warmer than usual 15-20 minutes before the baby’s arrival to make sure that it feels warm inside by the time they enter. On the other hand, you can use a portable heater with low heat that is directed to the props directly. Ensure you are not directly shooting the baby with the heater because some parents dislike this idea.

Prepare a nursery room for the mom to change when needed suddenly. You can alternatively simply separate the room with a curtain and prepare a table and chair where mom can do everything she needs.

The props

Just like how you are surprised when someone places a freezing bottle on your cheek, imagine how the baby feels when you place his naked body on cold blankets. It takes time for it to warm up! Aside from using a portable heater, folding them with hot sacks in the middle will keep the blankets warm and ready for the session. That is how you can get beautiful baby pictures in newborn photography like

Alternatively, wipe solid props with a cloth that has been dipped with warm water. Keep in mind that a baby is mostly naked throughout the session so extra warmth is the key.

Another issue with props is that not all props are approved by parents. You have to discuss it with them before using the props to ensure no misunderstanding during the photography session. It’s a good thing to shoot a short video of how you usually take newborn pictures to let clients know your working method. Ensure safety of the props by trying them out first after buying and practicing with it.

The ambient

How to keep the baby quiet? By keeping the room quiet and not making sudden loud noises that can surprise him. However, too quiet can actually stir the baby up as it is uncomfortable. Solve this by using a background white noise app to help with the baby’s sleep. It is also why some photographers tend to ‘shh’ throughout the session, which actually works as well.

But having an app can prevent you from getting distracted and spitting a lot of water while taking pictures.

Hold them!

When moving the baby, you have to hold the baby the right way. There are positions that should not be used and handling methods that are uncomfortable for the baby. For example, it is best to keep them in a folded pose and not let their head hang loose without a support. During your newborn photography, take care of the baby as if it is one of yours.

Do I Fit a Newborn Photographer?

newborn photographerTaking pictures of the baby is definitely a different job compared to others. You are shooting babies who don’t understand posing and will cry at a moment’s notice. There’s no telling to how to satisfy this baby or how long will a session last. And you will have to stand against the wailing and mess that a baby can make.

On the other hand, they can be very fragile; slightly cold temperature can cause death when not realized early! With so many scary things that a newborn photographer has to face, are you confident that you fit the job desk of this one job?

Interaction with babies

There’s no doubt that baby’s cries can become one of the most annoying things to listen to. No matter what time of the day (or night) it’s something that simple wakes us up to our annoyance. Do you have the strength to not curse, but instead, work on placating the crying baby? How long can you stand this condition?

Afterwards, it’s important that you realize you will be spending a lot of time taking pictures of the baby. Some babies can be easily disturbed and waken up, makes it important that you know how to make a calming sound. Downloading a white noise app is a good thing to help the newborn stay asleep.

Creating a conducive room

The studio where you’re going to have the pictures taken has to be optimized to a condition that is comfortable for a newborn. You need to watch out the temperature, hygiene, and availability of a nursery room. On the other hand, you can advise parents to come after feeding like what a newborn photographer from does.

Note that this is very important for parents. They don’t want to take their baby to a photo shoot session that does not encourage a clean and comfortable room.

Can you love babies?

Because you’ll be meeting a lot of babies and will most probably expand your line of work to baby photography, too, you need to know if there’s a part of you that can hate babies. Most of the time, people are nice enough to smile at the look of a baby and baby laughter have even be identified as a very good thing to listen to.

But there are some people who suffer from disorders that probably come from traumas or genes that cause them to hate babies. It goes to the point that it’s hard to stay in the same room with one. If this is you, seek treatment, or refrain from working with baby related pictures.

Are you willing to learn?

You will also need to constantly learn new things about babies, such as recent findings of the best environment to put them in. You can also learn about how to put mothers in relaxed mood at your studio. Enhancing the customers’ experience like this can improve the rating of your photography service.

And obviously, as a newborn photographer, you need to also learn about the newest trend on newborn pictures. Select and incorporate them into your style to create creative newborn pictures.

Newborn Baby Photography Habits You Should Have

Schedule the newborn baby photography shoot well ahead of time with the parents.

newborn baby photographyThe parents should be looped in on how crucial the time of the newborn baby photography shoot is. Newborns are pretty calm and relaxed and the best time to shoot pictures of them would be during the first ten days of their lives. Parents are still pretty sleep deprived and tired and more or less still acclimating to the fact that there is a new member in the family. You might need to constantly remind them about this. Make a habit of calling out to them at least a week before the scheduled shoot and then roughly around two to three days before the actual day of the shoot and then every day after that. Constant reminders are key to making sure that they do not miss out on their schedule with you as their photographer. The newborn baby will be asleep most of the time and he will most likely be really easy to work with during this time in his life. This means that you will not have too much pressure having to deal with this at the end of the day.

Strictly stick to natural lighting as much as possible.

Natural light is what every newborn baby photography expert should be aiming for given the fact that a newborn baby is involved. Babies are quite sensitive to harsh lighting or to any other kind of artificial light that is drastic in comparison to natural light. This means that if you are capturing photos of the newborn baby, if natural light is something that is possible for you to opt for, then by all means, you should go ahead and opt for it whenever you have the chance to go ahead and do so. Babies, especially the newborns, have eyes that are not that well accustomed to harsh lighting such as artificial lighting. It is not the right way for you to deal with the baby photo shoot. You might end up irritating the baby altogether. Natural lighting, on the other hand, is something that is quite easy on the eyes and something that will more or less get to help the baby out in getting comfortable during the photo shoot.

A macro lens is an absolutely requirement in newborn baby photography.

There will be a lot of sleeping shots somewhere along the way. A macro lens can really help deliver those intimate close up and composite shots that parents are always looking out for at the end of the day. This is something that you should be aiming for as much as possible. Take the time to notice the interesting little details such as how little the baby’s feet look like, or how his fingers are laced with the blanket, and so on and so forth. Every little bit can really help out a lot.

Play some mellow music somewhere in the background to help set the mood.

Nothing calms a baby down more than some nice music playing in the background. This can really set the tone for the rest of the photo shoot.