When Funds are Short for a Wedding Photographer’s Startup Equipment

Money for equipment

photography equipmentOne of the biggest challenges you will face in starting a career as a professional wedding photographer is the mammoth task of coming up with the money for the equipment that you are going to need. You should know this right out just in case this hasn’t sunk in yet but professional photography equipment can be crazy expensive. If you do not have the passion for it, you might as well forgo any aspirations that you may have of being a wedding photographer by profession. It is not an easy career choice to make.

You have a pretty good chance of failing during the first few years of your career but if this is something that you know in your guts you have always wanted to do and are willing to do for a long period of time, possibly until you retire, then brace yourself for the challenges up ahead. So again, it all comes down to the money. If you don’t have the money for it, you can’t start out as a professional Norfolk wedding photographer. You don’t have to go for everything that is high end though. There are still ways for you to go after your dreams without putting your entire life’s savings on the line for it and without practically going bankrupt for it.

Buy cameras

You start off with the cameras of course. Cameras, as in plural form, because one camera simply will not suffice. Weddings are huge events and to be tasked to cover one can be a really huge deal that comes along with a huge amount of responsibility. This is not the kind of thing that you can just take for granted. Showing up during the wedding day with only one lousy camera on hand will not cut it. What are you going to do in the event of equipment failure? What are you going to do if you accidentally trip and break it? The show still has to go on and a minimum of two cameras are required. If you have a little money set aside, you can go for the cropped frame DSLRs. They are not as high end as the full framed ones but they will deliver the pictures just fine. They will not cost as high either.

Borrow from friends

Another option you can go for if you already have one camera and need a second one is that you can try to see if there are any of your wedding photographer friends who will be willing to lend you one, just during the day of the wedding that you are shooting. It’s for free or you can reciprocate with a favor of your own. If you can’t find any friends who can give out favors for a second camera, you can always rent it out. There are businesses out there who thrive in the industry of professional photography equipment for rent. You can always go for that in the meantime.

Purchases lenses

The rest of the other photography accessories are fairly affordable except for the lenses. The poor man’s weapon for a professional grade lens is the medium zoom lens. It is versatile and it can do a little bit of everything so it will serve you just fine for the time being.