Tripod Mistakes You Should Not Have In Wedding Photography

tripod mistakesBuying flimsy tripod

Do not make the mistake of investing in a flimsy or cheap tripod. This is something that can definitely mean more harm than good. Wedding photography always calls for nothing but the highest quality of materials and of gear. You owe as much and nothing less from your clients who are paying good money for your services.

A flimsy tripod will provide a highly unstable platform for your camera. It is not something that you can afford to take a gamble in one way or the other. What you will need to do instead is to make sure that you make one great buy, and that will be it.

Getting a high quality tripod will mean that you will not have to go out and buy another one anytime soon. A good and sturdy tripod should last for quite a long time and should serve you long and productive years. A flimsy tripod, on the other hand, is something that you will have to replace time and time again. More than that, you are putting your expensive cameras at risk. A flimsy tripod can topple over any time soon and may being your equipment to come crashing down with it. This is something that you should avoid from happening at all costs.

Leaving tripod behind

You should also not make the mistake of leaving your tripod behind. It will become a wasted investment if you do not put it to good use in the first place. A tripod has so many uses. It can provide you with the kind of stability and support you need in order for you to be able to take the shots that you will need to pull through. A tripod also has multiple uses and can be used to hold up a variety of different items from flash units to slaves to lighting fixtures, and so on and so forth. All of these will be for no use though if you do not bring it with you in the events that you cover in the first place.

Although a tripod may be something that requires a little more effort than usual, that is technically a small price to pay for the benefits that come along with the use of it. If you think that the carrying around of the tripod will prove to be a bit of an issue for you, then opt to purchase a tripod that allows for easy and convenient transport. Experienced wedding photographers dorset purchase lightweight tripods. It may cost a little bit more than the usual but it is a price to be well paid for.

Extending center column

Do not be so quick in extending the center column of your tripod. The center column is not as sturdy as the rest of the tripod. As a matter of fact, it is a bit of a sensitive area or a weak link in the tripod. You should be wise in making sure that you do not exacerbate that weakness and putting your gear at risk in the process. The smart way to go about this is for you to maximize the length that the legs of the tripod offer before you even think about touching the center column.

Why A Tripod Is Necessary In Wedding Photography

tripodWedding photography is all about capturing the great photos despite of the circumstances that are being handed out to you. You just have to go ahead and deal with it. Just to get right out of the chit chat and going straight to the main point of it all, yes, a tripod is definitely an absolute necessity. If you are looking into getting high quality pictures with the most minimal of shakes or blurs, then a tripod is something that you would really need to get to get that across the board.

A steady camera is one of the most primary requirements for a professional setup. It does not cost a lot so what that means is that you will not be breaking the bank on this extremely useful little gadget. It will take you no more just a few seconds to set up and probably even far less for you to dismantle it and store it in its carrier.

Shoot during night

In wedding photography, you will more often than not end up working in odd hours or hours wherein natural light is something that is not easily accessible or just downright abundant. You’re probably wondering how on earth will a tripod factor in on your night time or sunset shots but the thing is that when the camera sensor does not fill up with the right amount of light, the camera senses this and shifts to night mode so that you will be able still capture pictures pretty clearly. It slows down the speed of the camera shutter so that it can adjust the exposure. This risks camera shake at some point and when this happens, you have a huge chances of your images resulting to blurring of some sort. Having a tripod set in place will really get to help you clear out most of those issues.

Take closeup shots

Taking close up shots is also extremely tricky. You need to be in certain angles that may not be the most convenient if you to more or less opt to do things by hand. Wedding photography can sometimes require you to take close ups of small objects as well. Every single little movement or little deviation in the camera will really affect the quality of the photos that you will be able to take. Using something to stabilize your camera like a tripod will make sure that you are able to minimize any kinds of unwanted movements in your camera. You will be so much happier if you end up with photos that are less blurry than usual as opposed to when you just get in there and hold your camera by hand.

For all of the opportunities that the tripod offers out to wedding photography, the cost of buying it and basically brings it about with you in the wedding events that you cover is a very small price to pay compared to the tremendously awesome quality of the photos that you will be able to take at some point. It is a really great improvement.