Wedding Photographers Shoot In RAW

raw photoYou get the highest possible picture quality.

If there is one particular aspect in wedding photography that wedding photographers out there are always looking out for, it would have to be the quality that the photos come along with. Quality is everything or nothing at all. There is no compromise in between. The reason why RAW is so much more preferred than the other formats out there is because of the fact that RAW files technically record all of the data captured directly by the sensor of the camera. This means that you have all of the information intact. The reason why RAW is so comprehensive is because it does not compress the information on the file in order to minimize the amount of memory space that it consumes. It keeps all of the original data and does not allow the camera to tamper with any of it so you are able to come up with the purest data possible for the images that you take.

You get greater levels of brightness.

RAW files give wedding photographers like wedding photographer milton Keynes the highest possible levels of brightness out there. In a nutshell, what levels of brightness basically means or refers to is the number of steps that it will technically take to bring a picture from black to white. Just so that you can put things into perspective, the higher the levels of brightness is, the smoother the transition is for the pictures. And when it comes to image quality, the smoothest transition will always come out being the best in quality at the end of the day. If you need a more mathematical approach to things would be to basically compare JPEG file formats against RAW file formats. JPEG files can only get you 256 levels of brightness.

RAW file formats, on the other hand, can offer you something up to 16,000+ levels of brightness. That is a tremendous amount of difference when you get to think about it. The quality difference is more than substantial. You really cannot deny it and once you are well acquainted with how the differences are, you will always have the highest amount of regard for RAW file formats.

You will be able to easily correct exposure flaws in your images.

What most wedding photographers out there are actually looking out to do would be to get the best possible kind of exposure for your pictures. This can be a bit of a challenge if you are in the middle of shooting a wedding event. People and things tend to move fast during the weddings and they cannot be very friendly for the exposure in your images. If you are able to come up with over exposed or under exposed images while shooting in RAW, what you can be rest assured of is the fact that those images are something that you will be able to easily fix without having to drastically jeopardize the overall quality of the images.

You can adjust the white balance quite easily.

All of the white balance information is recorded along with all of the rest of the other info related to the images.